Directive Board
The Doctoral Programme in Animal Science aims to promote advanced training in the field of Animal Science through research. This programme is designed to achieve levels of excellence, with the supervision of scientists associated with exceptionally strong R&D institutions of international excellence in the different specialities of Animal Science.
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Directive Board


Includes the SANFEED Director and one researcher from ICBAS, CIMAR and REQUIMTE, and from each industrial partner.

The SANFEED Director will be responsible for the general management and coordination of the consortium and for ensuring the effective implementation of the programme. The responsible researcher of each partner will ensure the running of the programme locally and have a main role in the internal evaluation of the project.


António José Mira da Fonseca (REQUIMTE/ICBAS)


Ana Rita Jordão Cabrita (REQUIMTE/ICBAS)
Luísa Maria Pinheiro Valente (CIIMAR/ICBAS)
Marcela Alves Segundo (REQUIMTE/FFUP)
Luís Artur Soares Ferreira (AGROS)
Maria Helena Trindade de Abreu (ALGAplus)
Elsa Maria Nevado Mano (Alltech)
Ana da Conceição Moreira Gomes (CAVC)
Carla Conceição Carrilho Aguiar (INVIVONSA)
Ingrid Van Dorpe (Premix)
Isidro Blanquet (Sea8)
Rui Jorge Moreira da Costa Lima (Sensetest)
Elisabete Alexandra Dias de Matos (Soja de Portugal)
Luís Eugénio Castanheira da Conceição (Sparos)


Includes a Director, the supervisory team of candidates, the elected representative of the students, and will:

a) participate in the dissemination of the selected topics to recruit the best candidates; b) recruit doctoral candidates based on the selection criteria proposed, ensuring the suitability of candidates’ skills; c) monitor the candidates progress following a quality assurance model; d) approve the supervisory team of each candidate; e) manage and coordinate the study modules proposed to each candidate and their planning; f) approve the programme structure tailored for each SANFEED candidate by the supervisory team; g) produce a Doctorate Training and Supervision Plan with a preliminary title of the thesis, training plan, main objectives, milestones and professional development of each candidate; h) assess the doctoral candidate performance; and i) assure that the composition of the jury complies with the relevant university regulations.


Luísa Maria Pinheiro Valente (CIIMAR/ICBAS)


Supervisory team of candidates
Lourenço Ramos Pinto Representative of the students


The Advisory Board will comprise the SANFEED Director, one researcher of each partner, a representative of the students and four external members (two nominee by research and academic partners and two by industrial partners). This board will:

a)identify research needs among industrial partners that can be fulfilled by a specific research project, promoting academia-industry interaction and employability of the candidate at the end of PhD; b) advise possible co-supervision and/or interactions between scientists of different partners that can strengthen the proposals; c) propose timely topics for the SANFEEDs symposiums by attracting external experts; d) organize an independent evaluation of the programme; and e) keep the Directive Board informed of any evaluation and provide feedback from students, academic staff and researchers involved in the programme SANFEED members:


Jorge Proença Dias (Sparos)


Júlio Gil Vale Carvalheira (CIBIO/ICBAS)
António Mira Fonseca (REQUIMTE/ICBAS)
João José Oliveira Dias Coimbra (CIIMAR/ICBAS)
Manuel Diogo Salgueiro (AGROS)
Rui Pedro Gonçalves Pereira (ALGAplus)
Francisco Manuel Luzia Castanheira (Alltech)
Isabel Maria Lopes Santos (CAVC)
Elisabete Carneiro (INVIVONSA PORTUGAL)
Ingrid Van Dorpe (Premix)
Diogo Nunes Rosado (Sea8)
Luis Miguel Leite da Cunha (Sensetest)
Tiago Luis Escudeiro dos Santos Aires (Soja de Portugal)
Ana Raquel Rodrigues (Student)


Roberto Branco (Beta Sociedade de Capital de Risco S.A.)
Jaime Piçarra (IACA)
Emídio Gomes (UTAD)
Maria Teresa Dinis (CCMAR)


This external supervisory committee will review academic and research standards as well as administrative practices of the SANFEED programme annually, and will make recommendations in order to ensure that the high quality standards are maintained.

The external supervisory committee is composed of three outstanding Senior Investigators with distinct and complementary expertise fields in Animal and Fish nutrition: Richard Dewhurst (UK); Sadasivam Kaushik (FR) and Alfredo Teixeira (PT).

Richard Dewhurst is the Head of the Beef & Sheep Research Centre at SRUC and Professor of Ruminant Nutrition & Production Systems, Future Farming Systems, Scotland’s Rural College, Roslin Institute Building. His research has resulted in over 90 refereed papers. Richard was awarded the Sir John Hammond Memorial Award of the British Society of Animal Science in 2008.

Sadasivam Kaushik is Director of Research Exceptional in INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agrnomique), France, working in the area of Fish Nutrition since more than three decades, as the founder-director of the Fish Nutrition Joint research units and head of the Hydrobiology Station at St Pee sur Nivelle. He has been actively involved in a large number of EU projects linked with aquaculture nutrition. He has to his credit more than 250 peer-reviewed papers. He is closely involved with the aquaculture industry and is the President-elected of the European Aquaculture Society.

Alfredo Teixeira is Full Professor (“Professor Coordenador com agregação”) at the Escola Superior Agrária of the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança. His research in the area of Agrarian and Food Science Biotechnology has resulted in over 100 peer-reviewed papers. Alfredo is closely involved with the small ruminant industry and was Vice-President of the Sheep and Goat Commission of the European Association for Animal Production.


ICBAS Postgraduate affairs office

Phone: +351 22 042 80 06/07/21/26


Opening hours:
10h:00 – 12h:00
14h:00 – 15h:30


Director of the SANFEED

António José Mira da Fonseca


Director of the SANFEED
scientific board

Luísa Maria Pinheiro Valente