Programme Structure
The Doctoral Programme in Animal Science aims to promote advanced training in the field of Animal Science through research. This programme is designed to achieve levels of excellence, with the supervision of scientists associated with exceptionally strong R&D institutions of international excellence in the different specialities of Animal Science.
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Programme Structure


SANFEED is a four-year Doctoral programme (240 ECTS). During the first year (60 ECTS), students do not have a compulsory curricular path, but should use up to a maximum of the correspondent effort of 30 ECTS for advanced training and/or study modules tailored according to individual scientific needs. The work corresponding to the effort of 30 remaining ECTS of the first year must be used to develop a timely and innovative research plan structured around a strong and effective collaboration between R&D and industry partners designed to fit into each other and maximize each student´s research potential.

During the following years, SANFEED students will follow a fully integrated laboratory-based research plan offering high quality scientific research programmes in institutions of excellence complemented with a mandatory technological training in transferable skills (correspondent to the effort of 60 ECTS) in at least one industrial partner to promote professional insertion. Moreover, all SANFEED students are encouraged to study or conduct cutting-edge research in complementary areas in international HEIs and R&D centers for a minimum of three months. If performed in European Higher Education Institutions the European Mention can be obtained in the title of doctor. These links will promote the diversity of training opportunities and experience an international and competitive environment, thus achieving even higher quality research.

Successful PhD graduates will be able to

Demonstrate skills on research methods associated with Animal Nutrition
Conceive, design, adapt and perform scientific research in the area, respecting the requirements imposed by the standards of academic quality and integrity
Develop original research work that will contribute to the widening of the frontiers of knowledge, that will be published in indexed international journals
Critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas
Communicate with their peers, the academic community, the industry and society in general
Promote at academic and professional context, the technological, social or cultural progress in a knowledge-based society




ICBAS Postgraduate affairs office

Phone: +351 22 042 80 06/07/21/26

Opening hours:
10h:00 – 12h:00
14h:00 – 15h:30


Director of the SANFEED programme

António José Mira da Fonseca


Director of the SANFEED scientific board

Luísa Maria Pinheiro Valente